Data Journalism – Mess with a Chart of Georgia’s Budget

Here’s Georgia’s spending for the year that began July 1, 2011.

Well, about half of it.

This graph shows nearly $16 billion. There’s another nearly $11 billion in matching federal funds that Georgia has to spend on what the feds say. There’s another $8 billion from “other” funds, and I’m not quite sure what that is.

See page 23 of the first file listed on the page, and enlighten me?

But so, when you see news stories that say “Georgia’s budget $16 billion” or whatnot, this is what they mean.

Here’s a bigger version of the graph.

Thanks to IBM’s Many Eyes experiment.

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    More info on the line item vetos that pertain to this part of the budget…

    The items paid for by the gas tax are on pp. 302-309.

    • greencracker | July 31, 2012 at 7:11 pm | Reply

      Is that the fourth penny financing those bonds?

      The debt service on bonds, though, that doesn’t come out of every depot’s appropriation, it comes out of the GO bond pot, yes?

      That’d be another interesting chart, what departments borrow money?

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