Top 50 Georgia PACs — roads to get run over by schools?

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Five million dollars bought a lot of astroturf that didn’t convince much of anybody. The two Atlanta Chamber of Commerce-led orgs that worked to pass the penny transportation sales tax in Atlanta are the two biggest of the big Georgia political committees this year, as measured by the cash they have collected in YTD 2012.

These are the Top 50 political committees — political action committees, independent committees and a handful of “corporations” & etc –by receipts this year.

But the TSPLOST is out of business, while the charter school vote is coming up in November. I kind of suspect the squares for pro-charter school orgs will grow.

This data is what you get if you search on this form on the Georgia ethics webpage for all donations in this calendar year to all “non-candidate” committees.

Thanks to IBM’s Many Eyes experiment.

And check out Atlanta Unfiltered’s Alphabet Soup to dig what all these PACs etc are.

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