So, I’ve been going around ranting that some news stories profit from being told with pictures rather than words.

Thus, for your consideration, a story about the state grades given to Georgia high schools.

Ps, there’s one school that ranks above 100. That’s accurate. A school can get bonus points if it serves like, harder-to-serve populations, like non-native English speakers. For the Department of Education’s explanation and the raw, machine-readable .xls, see here.

And do not forget that this data journalism is a new service available from me, freelance reporter Maggie Lee.

In this episode of thanks to the D3.js community:

d3Vienno on YouTube



5 Responses to Georgia high schools plot against each other — How’s yours?

  1. If you could hover over the names of the high schools in the column on the right and light up the corresponding point on the graph, that would be cool. Just a suggestion.

  2. Oh, wait -it does. I see it now. Nice work…

  3. greencracker says:

    It is a labor of love. Or something.

  4. Gil Hearn says:

    Does the 2nd dimension have any relevance or is it just random?

    • greencracker says:

      yeah, it’s just random. It would be cool to add school population or % reduced price meal-eligible along the x-axis, see if there’s any correlation …

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