Muscadines from my parking lot

Mmm … a rich day of foraging yesterday. ¬†Got nearly two pints off the vines in my parking lot at home. ¬†Would have been a lot more if I had a bucket truck!

If you want to learn more about urban foraging, dig Concrete Jungle, who pick hundreds of lbs of good ITP stuff.


One Response to Fresh off the grid: Foraged Muscadines

  1. Oh man. Nothing can bring back a really hot, really boring rural summer SC day, walking along the dirt road ’cause you ain’t got nothing better to go do, better’n a muscadine. I had a little private stash in my complex’s backyard, but the HOA landscapers actually worked one day and cut the vine all back. Was an excellent year for muscadines I figure, if you can get such good ones right in our urban non-wonderland.

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