Lorax says, apparently, “Use more paper”

This was announced. It’s from the tree farmers & associated industries lobby, the Georgia Forestry Association:


Presenting Dr. Seuss’ classic tale…in theatres Friday, March 2.

The Georgia Forestry Association and the Georgia Forestry Foundation have partnered with the Georgia Forestry Commission to give away 60,000 tree seedlings statewide in celebration of the health and sustainability of Georgia forests and the movie, “The Lorax”.

GFA, GFF and GFC remind you:  The use of paper, and other products derived from trees, provides thousands of Georgia jobs and promotes the planting, health and sustainable management of forests.  In turn this leads to cleaner water and air, abundant wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

The Georgia Forestry Commission is the state body tasked with protecting and conserving Georgia’s forests. So it says on the website.  They also have to try and get up fire trucks and firefighters and etc. to fight forest fires, study the fire forecast, do prescribed burns etc.  Anyway, They also make tree seedlings  in bundles from dozens to  thousands to sell to tree farmers and misc other mugs.*

On the one hand, it’s kind of funny to me that one would appreciate a tree merely as a future paper towel. Or equate a tree farm with a forest.

On the other hand, at least they’re being appreciated.  At least they’re being planted.

Beats erosion anyhow.

I look forward to all the improvements in Georgia’s future.


*i.e. myself. I bought a dozen green ash seedlings off them and planted them in DeKalb County.

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