Welcome, reader.  My name is Maggie Lee and I’m a freelance reporter based in Atlanta; Doolitte Creek watershed, to be more specific.

My interests include eating local food and growing my own food.

As the Greencracker, I blog about pollution, public lands, wildlife, saving energy, Georgia politics and the like.  Not trying to write an opinion column here, though, yea, the choice of topics pretty much displays a, uh, preference for what I really like to write about.

I’m writing nearly from the point of view I’d use in any newspaper article: collecting facts and putting them in context. But befitting the household/coffee shop venue from where I’m writing, the style’s more casual, I have no copy editor, and I pretty much don’t do interviews for anything here.

I narrowly dodged a career in academia after a BS in International Relations at Georgia Tech and an MA in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore.  I came home to Atlanta, and got into truthful writing via a fact-checking job at the Southern Center for International Studies.  From there, I got into journalism — first sports business of all things — then freelancing.

One day, an editor serendipitously sent me to the state capitol, where I found my inner politics nerd. My work has appeared in several metro publications, most regularly Creative Loafing and the Macon Telegraph.

Got a story tip?  Anonymity guaranteed!

Email: maggie dot a dot lee @ gmail.com

Twitter: @maggie_a_lee


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  1. Tom says:

    Please ask Me. Manning if we have to file an appeal if we have an incorrect appraisal notice, or is that overkill? I just worry that the same issue will plague the bills and then the time to appeal will be over if I wait. How do they know this same issue won’t get applied to the bills? This is the government, right? So safe to assume they will make many errors.

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