Welcome, reader.  My name is Maggie Lee and I’m a freelance reporter based in Atlanta, over in East Lake.

My interests include eating local food and growing my own food.  I grew 32 lbs of sweet potatoes in a mound of a 6×9 foot plot one year.

I narrowly dodged a career in academia after a BS in International Relations at Georgia Tech and an MA in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore.  I came home to Atlanta, and got into writing via a fact-checking job at the alas-now-defunct Southern Center for International Studies.  From there, I got into journalism — first sports business of all things — then eventaully freelancing.

One day, an editor serendipitously sent me to the state capitol, where I found my inner politics nerd. I contribute to the Atlanta alt-weekly Creative Loafing and the Macon Telegraph, and sometimes write or do graphics for other places.

Got a story tip?  Anonymity guaranteed!

Email: maggie dot a dot lee @ gmail.com

Twitter: @maggie_a_lee


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  1. Tom says:

    Please ask Me. Manning if we have to file an appeal if we have an incorrect appraisal notice, or is that overkill? I just worry that the same issue will plague the bills and then the time to appeal will be over if I wait. How do they know this same issue won’t get applied to the bills? This is the government, right? So safe to assume they will make many errors.

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